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Welcome to Lead Source Management’s Support Page!

Here you will find information on how to manage your LSM Account, a copy of our FAQ, and instructional videos on how to operate and utilize Smart Alto.
If you need to reach support at any time, please email us at Support@LeadSourceManagement.com. If you have questions about your account, please email us at Accounts@LeadSouceManagement.com.

Smart Alto How-to Videos

How to remove a contact from a campaign

How to add leads to additional long-term follow-up campaigns

How assistants respond to your messages

How to edit your scripts

How to take control of a conversation

Where is my Smart Alto phone number

Frequently Asked Questions


Ad content is rotated on a regular basis to optimize the quality and effectiveness of each ad. Although they’re rotated, each ad generally offers to provide the lead with a list of homes for sale in their area or a list of open houses in their area.

The ad content for Lead Source Management is part of the proprietary information we use to generate leads in specific areas. This necessitates that we maintain the integrity of our ads by not sharing them directly outside of our senior management staff.

While advertising laws vary between states, every states’ advertising laws generally say that if YOU are running an advertisement, that you must have your name, brokerage, and license number (in some states) displayed in a readily noticeable location on/in the ad. In the case of Lead Source Management, we are running the ads, bringing in the leads, and then providing them to the customer in exchange for a fee, similar to Zillow. Since you are not the one running the ad, there is no requirement for your name, brokerage, or other information to be provided up front.

All ads run 24/7 throughout the month; subject to any outages that may occur through the social media platforms which are beyond the control of Lead Source Management.

Smart Alto Communication with Leads

The ISA follows a pre-written script designed by Lead Source Management to elicit specific information from the lead. Things like beds, baths, location, pre-approval, agency status, and price point are all things the ISA’s attempt to get from the lead. The goal is to get enough information so that it can be passed along to you so that you can call the lead and have a conversation about the leads specific needs and convert them to an in-person meeting.

Quality control measures require Smart Alto and Lead Source Management to require strict compliance with our scripts so that the ISA’s don’t over improvise or illicit information from the lead that is not relevant to lead conversion. Sometimes, this will cause the ISA to proceed down the script without realizing a question was previously answered. We try to limit this from happening, but it does happen at times, especially during peak times of the day. In our experience, this doesn’t cause the lead to leave the conversation or become upset, they will usually just answer the question again and it’s nothing more than a mistake that sometimes happens during normal conversations.

We do not allow the ISA’s to pretend to be anything other than an assistant or coordinator, ever. This is for two reasons, 1). We do not want the lead to start asking real estate or market-specific questions that someone other than you would have no way of answering and make you look bad or as if you don’t know something, and 2.) More importantly, MOST states prohibit assistants or non-licensed individuals working on behalf of a licensee from answering questions related to real estate. This allows us to remain compliant with state laws and keep you from having to worry about violating those same laws.

We do not currently provide this information to the lead. Depending on the state you’re in, some states require various pieces of information to be provided all at once, and some do not. In order to maintain compliance and consistency across the platform, the only thing that’s provided to the lead is your first name as part of the script.

Once the ISA reaches a point in the conversation where they have enough relevant information, they will shut down the conversation and let the lead know that you, the agent, will be following up with them shortly. They will then mark them down as an “Appointment” and email you the information they have obtained so you can call the lead.

If the lead tries calling the number they’re being texted from, it will ring through the system and to your cell phone. If you get a random call from someone who says they were just texting you or want to talk instead of texting, it is likely that this is what happened.

We attempt to maintain the strictest quality standards, sometimes things will happen and people will mess up, that is the nature of having real people responding to leads instead of bots or artificial intelligence. Sometimes these issues will be minor and sometimes they may be more relevant, either way, they will be handled quickly and addressed in an appropriate manner.

Smart Alto General

We prefer that LSM scripts and drip campaigns not be altered in any way; both have been extensively tested to elicit the best responses from leads generated with our ads. While no script or drip campaign is 100% applicable to all situations, ours provide for a significant increase in response and appointment setting as time goes on. If the scripts or drip campaigns are altered, then we can no longer guarantee the quality of our service.

That being said, they are YOUR leads, so if you wish to alter the script in anyway, please watch the video above so that you know exactly how to do it.

Once you’ve made contact with a lead, even one that was set as an appointment, it’s important to go into your Smart Alto dashboard and turn off the drip campaign for that specific lead. The reason we don’t do this automatically is because if the lead is setup as an appointment but never responds or answers your call, we want them to continue being communicated with until they start responding again.

You can learn how to turn off the drip campaign by watching the Smart Alto How-to Videos above.

Smart Alto is a messaging platform, not a CRM. Active leads are those Smart Alto’s ISA's are currently qualifying to set an appointment with you. After 15 minutes, those leads who have not responded to a message are considered Cold and will be re-engaged later with the text message drip campaign. Dead leads are those who Smart Alto ISA's or you should not text message from the Smart Alto platform under any circumstances; these leads have advised that they are already working with an agent or do not wish to be contacted anymore. Appointments are leads Smart Alto has sent to you that require follow-up.

Smart Alto sends you appointments / emails for three different reasons.

  1. Appointment: When we have scheduled a firm date and time to call the lead. This is when Smart Alto is the best case scenario and the goal of every conversation with a new leads.
  2. Engagement: When a lead engaged with the Smart Alto ISA's but did not set an appointment. A lead may not set an appointment for a number of reasons (i.e. life gets busy and people get distracted). But these leads are people who have told us a little information about themselves and Smart Alto believes you should call them.
  3. Updates: When a lead sends Smart Alto a text message to share new information   like an email address or needs to reschedule an appointment time


There will be times where a lead may be passing through your coverage area, staying with friends or family, or for one reason or another are inside of your geo-fenced area; this will happen occasionally. If you notice that most of your leads are outside of your designated area, reach out to our support team and inquire about why that may be; we will address this ASAP to confirm there is no issue with your account.


Support can be reached at Support@LeadSourceManagement.com

Of course you can! Smart Alto is probably the biggest asset you will have in your lead follow-up arsenal. That being said, it is still only one part of a follow-up system and additional contact is recommended and encouraged.


Emails, phone calls, personal texts from you, etc. will all assist with creating a relationship with your leads and increase your conversion rate. Our most successful clients are those who have a robust follow-up system that rests on the backbone of Smart Alto.

Currently, uploading or importing your own leads into your Lead Source Management Smart Alto account is not allowed. That being said, we are currently in the process of developing a system where that would be possible without compromising the integrity of the leads that we generate for you.

If you have old leads that you would like us to work, we do that for FREE utilizing one of our partner service providers.


If you’ll compile those leads into an Excel or CSV file, email them to support@leadsourcemanagement.com  and we’ll get them uploaded ASAP.